Coming to your screens will focus on what matters most to media professionals: the latest trendsand innovations. This event will serve to showcase Canadian knowhow and as a platform for sharingideas and information with professionals from all over the world.

The objectives of Coming to your screens are to:

  • Foster the development of innovative screen-based content
  • Position Montreal as a showcase for innovation and a Mecca for creative media and pop culture projects
  • Create business opportunities for local and international media content creators, producers and buyers
  • Enable a wider audience to discover innovative media content and platforms

Covered topics

How can traditional media adapt to new realities?

Whether television broadcasters, film distributors, press groups:
  • What are the best approaches to weathering the current “storm”?
  • What strategies are the largest media groups using to adjust to new realities?
This block will deal with the impact of new challenges that are emerging in the online video, social media and other markets and how traditional media is responding. It will also cover ways that traditional media providers can successfully reposition their services.

Is it really possible to monetize content in online markets?

Whether in the context of over-the-top (OTT) content, multi-channel networks (MCN) or other online distribution platforms:
  • Where are today’s profitable online markets and what are the success criteria for reaching them, based on specific examples?
  • What are the expectations of those who purchase and distribute content on new online distribution platforms?
This section will look at the best options available to content creators and producers to monetize their content while making it accessible to the largest possible audience. The speakers will also focus on the needs and desires of consumers, who increasingly consist of direct purchasers. Finally, they will cover self-publishing on platforms such as Vimeo on Demand and crowdfunding.

Screen-based content in the making: who is saying what, to who, and how?

Whether transmedia, cross-media, branded, social, app-based, augmented, virtual, interactive, or any other type of content:
  • What types of content and innovative narrative experiences are shaping today’s trends in terms of consumption and engagement?
  • What types of new narrative and media environments best serve users/consumers and those trying to reach them (meaning advertisers)?
These speakers will outline the best practices or approaches for enriching user experiences with original, branded or complementary content available on distribution platforms for non-linear consumption. They will show how some of the tools and technologies now hitting the market shape the content produced as much as users’ relationship with it.


Target clientele

  • Professionals actively involved in creating, producing and distributing media content on a wide variety of screens (TV, Movie, Web, etc…).
  • Professionals engaged in complementary areas such as: financing, industry associations, unions, training programs, legal services, etc.
  • A wider audience with an interest in content creation and media production




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  • 11h50
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Official Welcome
Organizers, partners

Opening Conference
Andy Nulman

Showcase 1

Screen- based content in the making: who is saying what, to whom and how ?
Robert Schumaker, Philippe Collard, Deborah Day, André Lauzon


Follows: Screen-based content

Showcase 2
Yu Centrik


Showcase 3
Webseries Quebec

How can traditional media adapt to new realities ?
Éric Scherer, Glenn O’Farell, Jean-François Gagnon, Guylaine Bergeron

Showcase 4
To confirm


It is really possible to monetize content in online markets ?
Martin Rogard, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, Jean-Philippe Gauthier, Richard Jean-Baptiste




Robert Schumacher

Paul Allard 150x150

Executive VP-User Experience, GFK User Centric (États-Unis)


Martin Rogard

Martin Rogard

COO, Dailymotion (United States)


Eric Scherer

Eric Scherer

Director of Forecasting, France Televisions (France)


Richard Jean-Baptiste

Richard Jean-Baptister

CEO, Jimmy Lee (Canada)


Deborah Day

Deborah Day

Digital Media Strategist, Innovate By Day (Canada)


Jean-Philippe Gauthier

Jean-Philippe Gauthier

Directeur, Media Platforms, Google (Canada)


Glenn O’Farrell

CEO, Groupe Média TFO (Canada)


Guylaine Bergeron

Head of Communications and Brand Image, Radio-Canada (Canada)


Philippe Collard

Chef, programmation et présence en ligne, Office National du Film du Canada


André Lauzon

Producteur, Cirque du Soleil Media (Canada)


Jean-François Gagnon

Président, LVL Studio (Canada)


Ashkan Karbasfrooshan




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