The CTYS showcase

Call for projects

This year, Coming to your screens will include a forum for presenting innovative projects (distribution platforms, loyalty solutions, content conversion, transmedia, webseries, etc.) through the CTYS Showcase. Projects will be presented on stage at different points throughout the event.
Deadline for submission: May 17, 2015

Call for Projects

To increase the business opportunities between professionals and various local and international participants, we are introducing a new element in 2015 called the CTYS Showcase. Projects (distribution platforms, loyalty solutions, content conversion, transmedia, webseries, etc.) selected for their innovation and business development potential will be presented in between conferences all throughout the event, in the main event space, in front of over 300 professionals.


The CTYS Showcase is a unique opportunity to participate in a business-oriented event, whether the aim is to sell, coproduce, finance or develop a project.

What type of content?

There will be seven or eight presentations of five minutes each, during which creator representatives (directors, producers, entrepreneurs, etc.) will showcase their project for prospective partners, collaborators and buyers. The projects, selected on the basis of innovation and business development potential, might include:
– distribution platforms
– loyalty solutions
– convergence content
– transmedia
– webseries
– etc.


The Showcase will take place at the event space for Coming to your screens, at Montréal’s Metropolis theatre, on the main stage in front of all of the attendees and guest speakers.

Application process

Interested professionals and creators are invited to submit their applications before May 17, 2015 (see submission page).

  1. Projects selected by the Coming to your screens team
  2. Creators of selected projects contacted
  3. Registration fees collected from creators of projects selected for the Showcase in order to participate in the event
  4. On the day of the event, June 3, each team will have five minutes on the stage to present and defend their project in front of all conference participants



Coming soon



General information:

The promoters of the selected projects, subject to registration fees, will also have their project featured in an online catalogue. Certain promoters (subject to additional fees) will also have a dedicated space adjacent to the presentation rooms, allowing for extended interactions with partners.

Selection criteria: :

To be selected, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Be innovative
  • Have business and profit potential
  • Be compatible with digital production and distribution methods
  • Be useful and relevant to media professionals
Fees and benefits:

Basic fee for projects selected after submission: $750, which includes:

  • 1 conference ticket ($465 value)
  • 5 minute presentation on stage
  • Promotion on the event website, at the event, etc.

Additional rate: $1450, which includes:

  • Presentation table in a common space for the entire day
  • 2 conference tickets ($930 value)
  • 5-minute presentation on stage
  • Promotion on the event website, at the event, etc.


Dossier d’inscription

Document de soumission Thank you for carefully completing this form and sending it by email to the following address: Sarah Mohattane, Production Director