Coming to your screens will focus on what matters most to media professionals: the latest trendsand innovations. This event will serve to showcase Canadian knowhow and as a platform for sharingideas and information with professionals from all over the world.

The objectives of Coming to your screens are to:

  • Foster the development of innovative screen-based content
  • Position Montreal as a showcase for innovation and a Mecca for creative media and pop culture projects
  • Create business opportunities for local and international media content creators, producers and buyers
  • Enable a wider audience to discover innovative media content and platforms

Covered topics

Immersive Worlds: Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Realities or Real Virtuality,
what are the perspectives and the most promising markets?

While the prospects of mainstream adoption of the new immersive technologies are still undefined, many initiatives are being tempted by creators and developers with a certain amount of success.

For instance, people are amazed by the new arcades using virtual reality, by the initiatives in theaters and public spaces, by the brands using these technologies in the retail business as well as in the television and film industry. Furthermore, there are many applications emerging in education and training, in tourism and real estate, in addition to the automotive industry and the health sector. But will it ever conquer the living room?

New video distribution environments: is there margin for niche content on the one side, and bundled offers from broadcasters and cable operators on the other?

Alongside the leading online content distributors like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and others, some niche channels find their way through acute discoverability strategies. Television broadcasters even accept to regroup under a single banner and stream their entire programming in hope of getting back an audience that has been deserting traditional television for a while. Are there some promising platforms that can fulfill all the consumer’s desires?

eSports entertainment: where does it stand among the programming strategies of linear and online television?

The eSports are a combination of videogame tournaments and competitions described by commentators and analysts in the same way traditional sport is presented on TV. These games are streamed over multiple platforms to an outstanding number of fans across the World. Some championships are held in arenas and stadiums where thousands of fans gather to see their favorite gamers win astounding prizes.

What are the initiatives in Canada and is it possible to make its way and gain acceptance among major streaming players like Twitch, YouTube, MLG or ESPN?

Experiential multimedia environments: how public areas and spaces become true vectors of immersive and interactive experiences?

Increasingly, brands and organisations are conquering public places as a medium of expression to tell stories and create emotional relations with their audience.  Using in a redefined manner the longstanding and the contemporary lighting and projection technologies, the scriptwriters and designers, along with architects and multimedia artists, use storytelling methods to create astonishing tableaux and compelling montages that reveal in an unprecedented way the beauty of our urban heritage.

This theme will explore through concrete examples the recent progress made by our most talented companies in the business.

Target clientele

  • Professionals actively involved in creating, producing and distributing media content on a wide variety of screens (TV, Movie, Web, etc…).
  • Professionals engaged in complementary areas such as: financing, industry associations, unions, training programs, legal services, etc.
  • A wider audience with an interest in content creation and media production





Stéphane Garneau

Animator, Radio-Canada, Montreal


 Jean-Marc Denoual

Co-Founder, Molotov TV, Paris


Suzanne Gouin

President of board, Printemps numérique, Montreal


Étienne Veilleux

Chroniqueur  eSport, RDS, Montreal

Carl-Edwin Michel

Canadian League of Gamers, Toronto


Don McDonald

COO, Super Channel, Edmonton



Jean-François Tremblay

Lead Practice VR & AR, Valtech Canada, Montreal


Awane Jones

President, Zone3 VR, Montreal

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Sébastien Ebacher

President and Creative Director, Arnoovo, Montreal

Nicholas Routhier

President, MindTrick Innovations, Montreal


Sylvain Marotte

Screenwriter & Director, XYZ Technologie culturelle, Montreal




Alexandre Simionescu

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Float 4, Montreal

Jarrett Sherman

President /Executive Producer,
Digital Howard, 



Pierre Ménard

Producer, TKNL, Montreal



André Lauzon

Producer, Moment Factory, Montreal



Colin McMahon

Analyst, Greenlight Insights, Boston